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Starting web development with Python

Web development with Python has been on my TODO list for a very long time. This weekend I played with that, so I collect here some useful links.

Actually, I wanted to try Google App Engine a few weeks ago but when I saw it was Python 2.5 only, I said to myself “No way.“. However! A few days ago I noticed that GAE has experimental Python 2.7 support! What’s more, they added some long-awaited 3rd-party libraries like lxml, numpy, pil, etc. So it’s time to start playing with GAE :)


* HOWTO Use Python in the web (overview)
* Python Web Development Getting Started Guide (2009, tons of links, Python/Django)
* Microframeworks
____+ Bottle
________How to build a web app using Bottle with Jinja2 in Google App Engine
____+ Flask
________Flying with Flask on Google App Engine
________Flask template for GAE #1 (flask-appengine-template @ GitHub)
________Flask template for GAE #2 (flask-engine @ GitHub)
________Flask template for GAE #3 (flask-gae-skeleton @ GitHub)
________project organization @SO
* Werkzeug (Flask includes Werkzeug)
* Jinja2 (The Python Template Engine, Flask includes it)
* Google App Engine
____+ How to Host your Website on Google App Engine for Free (hosting a static site)
* Amazon S3
____+ How to Use Amazon S3 for Hosting your Website (upload a static website)

Sorry for the ugly list but this wordpress theme doesn’t handle nested unordered lists correctly :(

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