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get screen resolution

You need the current screen resolution.

Solution #1 (command-line)

xrandr | grep '*'

Sample output:

   1920x1080      50.0*    51.0     52.0

This tip is from here.

Solution #2 (Python)
Let’s see the previous solution in Python:

from jabbapylib.process import process

def get_screen_resolution():
    Screen resolution (as a tuple).
    result = [x for x in process.get_simple_cmd_output('xrandr').split('\n') if '*' in x][0]
    result = tuple([int(x) for x in result.split()[0].split('x')])
    return result

Sample output:

(1920, 1080)

process.get_simple_cmd_output is part of my jabbapylib library. get_simple_cmd_output() simply executes an external command and returns its output as a string.

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