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Digits of PI (Part 1)

You want to work with the digits of PI. Why? For instance you want a new job (screenshot here if it got removed since then).

I like simple solutions. So instead of generating the digits, I simply fetched the data from the web. This is a fast, efficient, and painless approach of the problem :) Visit http://newton.ex.ac.uk/research/qsystems/collabs/pi/, where you can download several data files.

For the lazy pigs
I made a script that downloads the data, parses them, and returns the digits as a string. Here it is.

Usage (get the first 30 digits of PI after the dot):

#!/usr/bin/env python

from jabbapylib.math import pi

def main():
    digits = pi.get_digits_of(pi.PI3)    # get 10^3 = 1000 digits
    print digits[:30]

if __name__ == "__main__":



jabbapylib is here

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