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Fallout 3 Computer Hack

In Fallout 3 there is a minigame where you need to hack computers. I made a simple script to do these hacks easily. Here is a running example:

$ ./crack.py example.txt
Words and scores:
traveling  5
swiveling  5
wandering  4
spreading  4
desperate  3
telephone  3
sterilize  3
deformity  3
september  2
belonging  2

Tip: it's a good idea to start with the word that has the highest score.

Guessed word: traveling
Number of matches: 1
The password is one of these words:  ['desperate', 'september', 'deformity']

Guessed word: desperate
Number of matches: 3
The password is:  deformity

The script can be found on GitHub.

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