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July 26, 2015 Leave a comment

I made a simple wrapper script called that calls phantomjs and convert to do the real job. The advantage of is its very simple usage.

Usage -full full.jpg

Screenshot of the entire page (can be very high). -window window.jpg

Screenshot of the area that you see in the browser. -thumb thumb.jpg

Thumbnail of the area that you see in the browser.


Face detection with Python

Today I found an interesting post: Face Detection in Static Images with Python. You give an image as input and the program draws a rectangle around the face(s) on the image.


sudo apt-get install python-opencv libcv-dev opencv-doc

Under Ubuntu 11.04, the required XML is in the opencv-doc package at a different location, thus you need to modify the source code:

cascade = cvLoadHaarClassifierCascade(

See the full (patched) source code here.

Lesson learned
You can draw a rectangle on an image the following way:

convert original.jpg -stroke red -fill none -draw "rectangle 50,36 115,101" output.jpg

Where 50,36 is the top left, 115,101 is the bottom right coordinates.

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unicode to ascii

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment


I had the following unicode string: “Kellemes √únnepeket!” that I wanted to simplify to this: “Kellemes Unnepeket!”, that is strip “√ú” to “U”. Furthermore, most of the strings were normal ascii, only some of them were in unicode.


import unicodedata

title = ...   # get the string somehow
    # if the title is a unicode string, normalize it
    title = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', title).encode('ascii','ignore')
except TypeError:
    # if it was not a unicode string => OK, do nothing


I used the following resources:

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