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jabbapylib, a lightweight Python library

Update (20120125): jabbapylib is pushed to PyPI, thus it can be installed via pip: “sudo pip install jabbapylib“. For more info see the README file.


I am proud to announce my first Python library called “jabbapylib” (available here).

In this library I collect functions that I use often in my projects. Instead of repeating them in each project, I’ve decided to group them in a library. Thus, this library falls in the “miscellaneous” category, i.e. it’s not specific to a given problem.

It’s in an early stage, so over time it’ll change a lot, I think. I plan to extend it in the near future.

For installation instructions, see the README file (at the bottom of the page). The source files are documented and at the bottom of each source you can find some examples. Feedbacks are welcome.

Only tested on Linux!

Update (20110907)
I’ve made another project called JabbaPyLib-in-Action. In this I will group smaller projects that use jabbapylib. If you want to see how to use jabbapylib in practice, check out JabbaPyLib-in-Action.

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